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A few reasons to choose California North

100% Made in the USA products derived from The Best of Science and Nature.

Advanced formulas. Elegant textures. Refreshing aromas. Safe ingredients.

No Animal Testing, period. We are Cruelty Free through and through.

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The Ultimate Cleanse

California North Cleanse Regimen

Shower time is not only a time to get clean, it's a time that sets the tone for your day. Your health is visible on your skin. Fatigue, dehydration, a poor nights sleep, it all shows. A proper cleansing regimen not only combats life's wear and tear, it enhances general health and appearance day to day. A routine including exfoliating, cleansing and moisturizing ensures that your skin is clear of debris, nourished and protected from the elements.

Gelskin Scrub (GSS)

A complete face and body scrub to gently exfoliate skin while delivering fresh botanicals and antioxidants to replenish and heal skin. Featuring natural astringents, exfoliates and conditioners including Biodegradable Poly Beads in our 16oz formula, and Crushed Walnut Shells in our 8oz formula, Allantoin, Aloe, Cucumber, Jojoba, Nettle, Rosemary and Sage, our formula is designed to scrub skin clear while working to nourish and condition-creating a healthy environment for skin.

Gelskin Wash (GSW)

An oil-free, antioxidant-rich face and body cleansing formula that dissolves dirt and excess oils to effectively clear skin. The non-abrasive formula is gentle on skin, working to pull away dead skin cells and debris while moisturizing and soothing via botanical extracts including Aloe, Chamomile, Cucumber, Nettle, Rosemary, Sage and Citrus. A perfect replacement for skin-drying soaps and shower gels. The light, crisp, ocean grapefruit scent is sure to invigorate your senses day after day.

Action Moisturizer (AMO)

Our versatile, go anywhere, do anything, highly advanced, complete face and body moisturizing lotion for all skin types. Combining the best of science and nature into an easily absorbed formula featuring alpha hydroxy acid to remove dead skin cells, natural extracts calendula, geranium, hops, lemon extract, sage, shea butter, and vitamin E to nourish and heal skin. A pleasant organic citrus scent energizes, creating an invigorating experience for the senses. Perfect to apply immediately after showering to lock in moisture as well as anytime during the day to protect your skin.


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